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Welcome to The Accent at Menteng Bintaro Jaya

The Premium class condominium created with the unique ecodesign architectural by MKPL Architects Singapore, that brings you to the new concept of life. Strategically located in the central of Bintaro Jaya with all-inclusive Facilities. We make your life complete and easier.The Accent, life at ease.

About Us

The Accent is apremium condominium which located at CBD Bintaro Jaya. Being surrounded bypublic facility which make it easier for occupants to visit trade centers,education facilities, health facilities, offices and arcades. The Accent has adirect access to Tol Pondok Ranji which connecting Bintaro with othersdeveloping areas such as Pondok Indah and Puri Indah.The Accent designed by MKPL Architect Singapore, and will be delivered on 2017.DEVELOPED BYPT JAYA REAL PROPERTYPT Jaya Real Property, Tbk. is one of the leading residentialand commercial property developers in Indonesia, with adiverse portfolio that includes retail malls, mixed-used retailoffice developments, condominiums, and trade centers aswell as strategically located residential developments inSouth, West and North Jakarta.The Company’s core business is the development ofintegrated, sustainable residential communities in wellmanaged,green environments, Its flagship development,Bintaro Jaya, is a self-contained community served byexcellent transport links and first rate social and physicalinfrastructure, and where best practices in environmentalmanagement and green construction are design priorities.Established in 1979, the Company listed its shares on theIndonesia Stock Exchange (formerly the Jakarta StockExchange) in 1994. It is committed to doing businessresponsibly while creating real value for shareholders,customers and communities.



1st Floor – 26th FloorWEST TOWER1. 2 Bedroom B : 59.60 sqm2. 2 Bedroom B : 59.60 sqm3. 1 Bedroom B : 30.20 sqm5. 2 Bedroom C : 62.75 sqm6. 1 Bedroom B : 30.20 sqmEAST TOWER7. 1 Bedroom B : 30.20 sqm8. 1 Bedroom A : 35.20 sqm9. 1 Bedroom B : 30.20 sqm10. 2 Bedroom A : 63.50 sqm11. 1 Bedroom B : 30.20 sqm15. 2 Bedroom B : 59.60



3 Bedroom + 1

1 Bedroom A Floorplan
45.95 sqm (Semi-Gross)

1 Bedroom B Floorplan
39.43 sqm (Semi-Gross)

2 Bedroom A Floorplan
82.90 sqm (Semi-Gross)

2 Bedroom B Floorplan
77.81 sqm (Semi-Gross)

3 Bedroom + 1 Floorplan
117.24 sqm (Semi-Gross)

POWER                               :  2.200 watt (1BR) / 3.500 watt (2BR) / 4.400 watt (loft)WALLBedroom – Livingroom     :  Lightweight Concrete Painted FinishBathroom                            :  Ceramic FinishFLOORLivingroom                          :  Homogenous Tile 60×60Bathroom                            :  Homogenous Tile 60×60CEILLING                             :  Painted Gypsum BoardTELEPHONE                        :  1 Line Instalation OnlyAIR CONDITIONER            : Refrigerant Pipe, Drain Pipe and PowerWATER HEATER                  :  Instalation OnlyLIGHTING                             :  FittingCONNECTIONInternet                                 : 1 Line (Instalation Only)TV Cable                                : 1 Line (Instalation Only)BATHROOM SANITAIR      : Grohe and TotoKITCHEN                               : Kitchen Cabinet + Top Table Granit / Marble                                                 Kitchen Sink by TEKA                                                 Cooker Hood by TEKA                                                 Stove by TEKADOORMain Door                            :  Solid + HPL + Peep HoleOthers                                   :  Hollow Core + HPLKEY                                        :  Access Card EntryWINDOW                              : Powder Coated Aluminium Window and Clear GlassSECURITY                              :  Smart Card Security System + Intercom 1 Line

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Provide you with complete range of Entertainment Facilities for your daily needs

BXC MALLBintaro Jaya Xchange Mall (Bxc Mall), developed by PT. Jaya Real Property tbk. Brand new mall with unique concept that will give you the new taste of entertainment such as high class shopping center, XXI Cinema, Ice Skating, and also BX Park.

ACE HARDWAREAce Hardware is the leading and the most complete home improvement & lifestyle retailer that provide you with with essential goods such as electronic equipments, gardening & housekeeping materials, hobbies, etc.

PASAR MODERNPasar Modern displays a new look market that has transformed into a modern, clean and organized market spaces.

LOTTE MALLLotte Mall bintaro is located in the center of Bintaro Jaya to fulfill your pleasure of shopping. With Lotte Mart as the biggest part of this malland complimented with variety of Food and Beverages booth inside the mall.

CAREFOUROne of the biggest Frenchbased retailing company under PT.Trans Retail Indonesia. With hypermarket concept to cater the needs of residents.

GIANTOne of the biggest hypermarket from PT. Hero Supermarket Tbk. Ready to serve you with the low priced and value-for-money products and groceries. Giant also serve non-food products such as electronics, home appliance, tools, and furniture.

Provide you with various business center and office arcades at Bintaro Jaya, so you can easily reach your office

One of the twin tower of Bintaro Jaya belongs to PT. Bank Permata Tbk, that is located in the center of Bintaro Jaya. This office building serves as operational headquarter of Bank Permata

PT Bank Niaga Tbk known as CIMB Niaga (formerly known as Bank Niaga) is currently the sixth largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets. Griya Niaga serves as one of the head office for operation and human resource of Bank CIMB Niaga

Titan center which is Located in a developed area of CBD Bintaro Jaya. is a newly constructed compound that comprises a high-rise office building and a Convention Center. Titan Center provides you with ideal venues for your events.

The headquarters office of Hero Group is located in the prosperous area Bintaro Jaya Sektor VII. with more than 800 employees. This head office use the green building concept with some facilities such as roof garden, sky lobby, etc.

Provide you with quality health care centers, such as International Hospitals, Clinics, and Specialized Care Centers

Previously known as Bintaro International Hospital since 1998 until 2010, and then changed its name to Bintaro Premier Hospital. Part of Ramsay Health Care Group, the biggest group of private hospitals from Australia.

Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah (RSPI) Bintaro Jaya, the third hospital of PT Binara Guna Mediktama after RSPI Pondok Indah and RSPI Puri Indah. Private hospital building with first-class healthcare service to suit the patient’s need.

Several high quality school are ready to be your partner as a parent. Handle your children’s education starts from elementary school until University.

Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) was the new university that located at Jl. Boulevard Bintaro Sektor 7, Bintaro Jaya. UPJ founded in 2011, that include a lot of study programs such as Accounting, Management ,Psycholog ,Communication, etc.

British International School was a school with the new purpose designed campus in Bintaro. This school have three sections, that was infant for three to seven years old; Junior, for seven to eleven years old; and Senior, for eleven to eighteen years old.

Global Jaya International School founded in 1995. Global Jaya International School’s students come from different culture background but they maintain a high focus on Indonesian language, culture, and also history.

The first Japanese School in Indonesia, especialy in Jakarta that founded in 1969. It was moved to Bintaro in the middle of 1996. There was 700-1000 Japanese student in this school that build in 30.000 sqm areas, include a lot of facilities around the school.

Easy to come, easy to go. Enjoy the easy access to Bintaro Jaya

Another Internal transportation of Bintaro Jaya, that will help you to reach several districts of Bintaro Jaya.

We present you our internal transportation, Trans Bintaro Jaya.Starts from Bintaro Xchange Mall to Ratu Plaza.

Our integrated train station, Station Jurangmangu .Serve KRL Commuter Jabodetabek that will help you to reach some central business point such as Sudirman. Make you feel at ease to come and go from Bintaro Jaya

On June 2014, Toll JORR Bintaro-Pondok Indah has connected to Toll JOR West to North (W2) that will serve you the easiest way to reach Soekarno – Hatta International Airport from Bintaro Jaya.


Serah Terima Perdana Condominium The Accent – Bintaro Jaya
20 Mei 2017

Condominium THE ACCENT Bintaro menyelenggarakan acara perdana penyerahan kunci kepada penghuninya, Sabtu (20/5) di Condominium The Accent Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan. Untuk penyerahan kunci ini secara simbolis diserahkan oleh Direktur PT Jaya Real Property,Tbk. sebagai Pengembang.Hadir dalam acara Direktur PT. Jaya Real Property, Tbk. Kristanto Indrawan, Direktur Operasional PT Wika Gedung Jaka Nugraha, Direktur Operasional PT. Jaya CM Mukhsin Moechtar, General Manager Property Development PT Jaya Real Property, Tbk. M. Abdurachman Fadil, dan General Manager PT Sumber Jaya Kelola Indonesia Arief Budi Santoso.

Niken Larasati selaku Manager Unit Condominium The Accent mengungkapkan, untuk penyerahan kunci perdana bagi penghuni apartemen ini adalah bagi Konsumen yang sudah melunasi pembayaran unitnya atau telah melakukan akad kredit bagi konsumen dengan cara pembayaran KPA.

“Untuk penyerahan perdana, kunci yang kami serahkan kurang lebih kepada 50 Konsumen dan untuk selanjutnya akan dilakukan secara bertahap kepada Konsumen yang telah memenuhi kewajiban pembayarannya”, ungkap Niken.The Accent merupakan Condominium kelas Middle High pertama dari PT Jaya Real Property, Tbk. yang berada di Pusat Bisnis Kawasan Bintaro dengan konsep Eco Design yang ramah lingkungan. Diluncurkan pertama kali pada tanggal 7 Juni 2014 dan diserahterimakan secara bertahap mulai tanggal 20 Mei 2017.

Condominium The Accent dikelilingi oleh berbagai gedung perkantoran yaitu Bank CIMB Niaga, Bank Permata, Gedung Indika, dan Gedung Hero. Tidak ketinggalan pusat perbelanjaan seperti Lotte Mall, Bintaro Exchange, Bintaro Entertainment Center, fasilitas kesehatan seperti RS Premier Bintaro dan RSPI Bintaro Jaya,  juga sarana pendidikan berkelas internasional diantaranya Global Jaya International School, British International School, dan Japanese International School.Soal parkir dan keamanan, Condominium The Accent dilengkapi dengan fasilitas car lift, area parkir (indoor dan outdoor), sistem keamanan 24 jam yang dilengkapi dengan CCTV, smart card access dan wi–fi.Sementara untuk akses, The Accent memiliki lokasi yang strategis dan merupakan “Hub & Regional Center“, dimana Condominium ini dekat dengan akses Tol JORR (Bintaro-Pondok Indah dan Bintaro-Puri Indah), akses Bandara Internasional Soekarno-Hatta dan berada di kawasan berbasis Transit Oriented Development (TOD) yang  dekat dengan Stasiun Jurangmangu, halte Trans Bintaro Jaya, dan dilalui oleh moda internal In-Trans Bintaro Jaya.

The Accent
THE ACCENT TOWERCBD/D No.1, Jl. Wahid HasyimPondok Jaya, Pondok Aren,Tangerang 15220(021) 292 10000

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